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Save Money And Energy

We help consumers like you make an impact on their energy consumption through energy-efficient windows and patio doors. Leaky and inefficient windows, skylights and doors account for poor insulation and higher energy usage in households
Dual Pane
Many older windows were built with a single pane of glass. Energy efficient windows use dual pane glass (or glazing) to better insulate and help reduce energy usage in the winter and protect against heat build-up during the summer.

Gas-Filled Air Space
Argon and Krypton gas, used between panes, is often an option offered by top window manufacturers. It enhances thermal performance without getting in the way of the view. 

Low-E Glass Coatings
Low-E means ‘low emissivity’ and describes glass that has a solar control coating to improve thermal performance. As a result, homes with Low-E glass windows and doors enjoy more consistent temperatures year-round for comfort and energy savings. Carpet and furniture are also better protected against UV rays and color fading.

Milgard Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

All Milgard windows are specifically-engineered to accommodate the weather conditions in Southern California, San Diego especially, with features like SunCoat Low-E insulated glass and exterior finishes that won’t peel or crack. They are manufactured to withstand wind, water, heat and cold for the life of your home, and that’s why every Milgard window comes with a full lifetime warranty – yes, a full warranty for as long as you own your home!
us green milgard windows
us green energy efficient windows

The Bottom Line

  • 70% more efficient than regular dual-pane windows
  • Protect your furniture from harmful UV damage
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Noise reduction
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