US GREEN are experts in developing commercial solar energy systems for businesses.

You can trust our team to develop and deliver the optimum solar solution to compliment your investment and business philosophy, increase profits and enhance the environment.

Manage Your Energy Costs. 
And Your Business.

Rising energy costs are a reality for every organization and yours is no exception. But what if you could take control of your energy costs—now and in the future? Leading organizations around the world have discovered that an energy strategy including solar is a powerful way to reduce operational costs. With US GREEN and SunPower as your energy allies, you can reduce your energy costs and advance your business into a cleaner, brighter future.
Be in control of your energy and your energy usage.
Go solar with ZERO out-of-pocket.
Control Demand Charges
  • Up to 69% savings off your current demand charges
  • Or completely eliminate demand charges with energy storage
  • Use your stored energy when your demand is highest
Tax Benefits
  • 30% Federal Tax credit
  • Depreciation up to 60% Federal the first year/100% in 5 years
  • 10 year straight-line State of California depreciation

Success Story: North County Soccer Park

Helping the North County Soccer Park reduce their energy consumption by more than 50% was easy! Watch this to learn how we did it.

Utility Scale Projects with SunPower Oasis

Superior performance and reliability at a competitive cost of energy.
When you choose the SunPower® Oasis® platform you’re making an investment that pays back across the lifetime of the project—from reduced design time to predictable long-term performance. Every component is engineered to produce a competitive cost of energy, add value to your experience and instill confidence.

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