Our Non-Profit

We understand that lowering your energy costs frees up
more of your budget to go towards ministries you really
care about. Larger facilities and campuses have unique
challenges when trying to lower their energy cost or
consumption and our team of energy experts can help
you every step of the way. 

Faith Giving Energy

We have developed the “Faith Giving Energy” program to help each faith-based organization pay for their energy upgrades and it’s simple.

For every no obligation energy consultation with US GREEN from anyone associated with your congregation that mentions your campaign, US GREEN will donate $25 to your “Faith Giving Energy” fund. PLUS, US GREEN will also donate up to $500 of each sale resulting from those appointments.

If 100 people from your faith based organization had a no energy consultation and 10% of them purchased, US GREEN would donate up to $7500 back to you.

“Faith Giving Energy” is just another way US GREEN is helping you power your ministry.
Non-Profit Financing Options
There are a variety of fnancing options available in the market
and through our partner network for businesses and not-forproft

  • Enjoy the benefts of ownership with no monthly payment
  • No upfront cost for qualifed customers
  • Helpful if want to keep fnancing of your balance sheet
  • Purchase options available at the end of the lease term
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Solar
  • No upfront cost. Fixed rate per kilowatt hour
  • Host the solar equipment, but no responsibility for ownership or maintenance

Success Story: St. Gabriel Catholic Church

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