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Turf vs. Natural Grass
The benefits of artificial turf outweigh those of natural grass, especially if you’re living in an area affected by the devastating water crisis. If you’re interested in saving money, conserving water, and creating a home with exceptional curb appeal, artificial turf may be the option you’re seeking.

While other drought-tolerant landscapes provide similar benefits, there’s one major difference … desirable space. No on wants to play in a yard with cactus. Likewise, you probably won’t want your kids playing in a yard full of boulders. Artificial turf provides the same beautiful look and bounce as natural grass, without the expense.

Benefits of US GREEN TURF – Artificial Turf

Not Just For The Sports Fan
Sports fans are aware of the benefit artificial turf provides on a game-playing field, but that’s not the only place artificial turf can be used successfully. Artificial turf has been adopted by California residents interested in drought tolerant landscaping that offers both beautiful curb appeal and space for family, pets, and guests.

No Water or Maintenance
Artificial turf requires no maintenance to maintain it’s beautiful green appearance year round. When the autumn leaves fall, just sweep them of. It allows you to focus more on the things you enjoy doing in your yard, like hosting parties, barbecues, and spending time with your family.

Artificial Landscape Will Save You Money
In addition to the expense of monthly maintenance, including mowing, fertilizers, and sod, natural grass needs water … a lot of it. Artificial turf doesn’t require any of this, which frees you to use that chunk of your monthly budget elsewhere.

Pristine Lawn All Year Round
Grass and sod will go into a dormant stage in the winter and turn brown and unsightly. Artificial turf will remain the same vibrant color year around and look great throughout the seasons.
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