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The future of sustainable energy is utilizing battery storage. From electric cars like Tesla to industrial-scale solar farms, batteries are the key factor to cleaner and more efficient energy. US GREEN is set to lead this movement and together, we can stop contributing to potentially catastrophic climate changes. The ultimate solar experience is where the customer produces their own clean energy and stores it for use when the utilities are charging the highest rates.  

Battery Storage Incentives:

  • Battery Storage systems have acquired the same incentives as solar energy including: 30% ITC and Federal/State depreciation schedules.
  • Currently in mid-2017, the California State government has launched a rebate campaign to incentivize residential and commercial property owners to install and utilize battery storage systems to demand less from the utility grid (especially during peak hours).
  • This rebate has gone through two openings from May through June 2017 and the average rebate is $.40-$.55/kWh for the associated battery storage system.

The Bottom Line

  • Store and use your solar energy during peak energy hours.
  • Protect your home during a power outage.
  • Get off the grid.
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tesla lg chem certified installer
tesla powerwall home battery

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

The Powerwall helps to increase the amount of generated electricity used directly by your home.

The battery is charged up when your solar system is generating more electricity than is being used in the home. The battery stores this electricity, preventing it from beingexported to the grid and discharges it when the local load exceeds electricity production, reducing your electricity bill.

The Tesla Powerwall can be added to any solar system regardless of who originally installed it.

Ultimate Peace of Mind with Home Energy Storage

The Powerwall battery provides backup power during utility outages, natural disasters and peak energy hours. Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall also comes ready to integrate easily with solar or operate independently. That enables you to self-power your home continuously, day and night, through any circumstance.
US GREEN is fully approved by SGIP and is certified/licensed to install battery storage systems by leading manufacturers like: Tesla and LG Chem. We’re here to assist you with getting your application submitted by the incentives deadline.
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